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To me, QBP is the ideal exercise class– accommodating, body positive, accessible, and really just a chill environment to stretch and sweat and build some strength. I look forward to it every week!
-L.U., group class participant and on-demand subscriber

Sofia is a conscientious and intuitive instructor, who leads class with a clear sense of responsibility, while honoring each practitioner's instincts, knowledge, and autonomy. These sessions have been such a wonderful container to explore alignment, sensation, and detail– all bolstered by the feeling that each movement decision is coming from a place of attention and care.
-R.M., group class participant

I love Sofia's class! The movements are slow and deep, and her teaching is precise, challenging, and supportive. I feel stronger, more coordinated, and more relaxed after each session.
-N.F., group class participant


As a massage therapist, yoga teacher, and person with chronic pain, I am picky about the folks I let in when it comes to moving and bodywork. Sofia is extremely knowledgeable about the body and how it moves. The energetic cues Sofia uses are very skillful and help me move from a place of ease and strength. I leave their classes feeling strong and ready to face my day. I cannot recommend her enough!!
-O.L., group class participant


These advanced classes give me space to feel little body shifts in big ways. I really appreciate the visual imagery cues and use of props to support familiar movement pathways in new ways.
-E.D., group class participant

I am a reformed Pilates hater! I was on record saying you would never find me in a Pilates class. But, Queer Body Pilates changed that! Sofia's practice has helped me repair my relationship with movement and my body. I am more flexible than ever before in my life and I look forward to learning about how my body moves and how I can teach it to move better or differently. I tell everyone I know about QBP, I truly can't stop talking about the massive benefits it's had on the last 6 months of my life. I also love the variety of class/practice styles and opportunities, giving me the ability to go deeper into my personal practice and challenge myself further.
-Y.R., private client, group class participant, and on-demand subscriber


Sofia offers caring, empathic, and intuitive guidance. Sofia doesn't rush through the lesson just to get through it but adjusts to my needs, curiosities, and discoveries. I was happily surprised to find a pilates class with a practitioner who could answer every question I have without hesitation. Sofia doesn't simplify the language or treat me with kid gloves but instead explains with enthusiasm.
-E.P., private client

I know that I am in good hands with Sofia. Sofia provides clear instructions and makes me feel empowered to exercise and strengthen as someone over 80. I leave our sessions feeling informed, motivated and encouraged. Sofia's eyes smile at me and say 'yes you can.'
-E.S., private client

I joined your online video library 2 weeks ago and just want to say thank you! As a mom of a young child, it's SO convenient to be able to do them whenever I find the time, and it is SO good for my body and mental health to be able to do a thoughtful, stabilizing, strength, AND heat building class! One week I did 6 classes! I’m just so appreciate your thoughtful, CREATIVE, challenging classes, and you clear and simple marketing for them. I donno, I guess what I'm saying is...I'm a fan!
-T.E., group class participant and on-demand subscriber

Sofia delivers a firey class in the sweetest way ❤️‍🔥 Sofia's classes are accessible for all levels; modifications and exercise options are always provided. Their cues are exceptional, easy to follow, welcoming, and gentle. You will definitely feel a good burn, muscles lengthened, and core activated!
-S.C., group class participant

I've always been scared of pilates but, thanks to Sofia, today I felt the matrix shift. Sofia guided me toward an ultra deep connection with my body in a way I have never experienced before -- damn I was thirsty for that and didn't even know it. I bet you are too.
-S.Z., private client

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